I love showers

They wake me up so well these days. The one at the girlfriends isn’t that great, but it is nice and warm and does the job of getting and keeping me clean. Before I showered I was lying in my pit feeling grim from last night (I work in a pub these days and I come home smelling like somethings armpit), thinking bad things and generally feeling shite.

Now I’m sitting here blogging feeling all chirpy and ready to go out and do something ™. Which would be swimming. I’ve not been for ages and seeing as I am feeling really fat these days I ought to get out and excercise more. Doesn’t help that my knees hurt like hell after working out on the rowing and cycling machines we have in the conservatory here. I’m gonna be starting a sport/exercise category for keeping tab of how nuch sport I’m doing. I need to get away from stewing in front of the computer.

So rough plan is grab some food, start on a plan for the server, go swim and have a stroll around town, get back, finish off plan, do some emails, set up logrotate and by that time the Girlfriend should be back home and then we are going to spend the evening watchinc ROD the TV series snuggling. Which I am quite looking forward to.

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