I gave blood and all I got was this lousy bruise

Well #11 was a bit more painful than usual and has resulted in a nasty bruise. I am less than impressed about this. I knew from the moment the needle went in that it was going to end up with a bruise. It didn’t hurt anymore than usual when going in, but once in I could really feel that it was in there. My arm has been quite sore as a result these last few days.

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Job Search Update

Well I’m still plugging away at it. I’ve got a few good options for Work Placements and the like from GO Wales. One of them I am really quite optimistic about and if I get it could be a great placement. My CV is in and I’m waiting to hear back from them.

I’ve applied for quite a few other jobs and have a decent sized list of places to apply to.

The pub job is giving me quite a bit of cash at the moment, which is really helping me.

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Got gettext working

Still the various php scripts won’t send out emails. Smelly things. This means I’m going to have to go back to getting postfix configured properly.

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New site on the server


Is that latest addition to this little family of sites and has led me to begin to think more about getting another domian for the server proper so i can keep my part of it separate so to speak. Ideas on a post card, or in the comments please.

Still it has all gone smoothly and easily. I’ve got all the addition stuff down pat now.

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Guild Wars

Well from my impression of the pre-searing (introductory) part of the game. It seems very nice, slick graphics, intuitive gameplay, plenty to do and a general smoothness. I do like it but so far there hasn’t been much of a challenge. Quests have been very easy to do, combat is just as easy as eve, unless you are outnumbered, in which case you die quickly.

The girlfriend and i are going to do the Searing tomorrow evening together, tho I am keen to get it over and done with now. The game will hopefully get better after that. There is potential there, but the long term challenge feels lacking so far. Especially in comparison with eve.

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That evening feeling

I feel like i should say more than I am about to. I’ve not done much to day. I printed a job application off, want into town, paid some money in, went to the tax office, setup a site for a mate, played eve and guildwars a bit and now i’m mulching. I know I ought to go and upgrade the Pathfinder LARP forums. But that would involve effort. And I’m mulching. I’ve not even got round to writing up the Happy Hacking post I had intended to write a few days ago.

My knees appear to have stopped my go and work out on the rowing and cycling machine bid for fitness. I should maybe just stick to walking and swimming. The liesure center is only a 5 minute drive away. Maybe a 15/20 minute walk. I would do me good I’m quite sure. But I’ve got to knock this knee ache off before I do that.

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Hadn’t realised

That I’d left the previous post as uncategorised. Whoops. I got my first rejection letter the other day, which wasn’t nice. Brecon holiday Cottages do not want me as thier admin it would appear. I am currently doing one for a meb editor position at Cardiffuni. It looks like a nice job but i’ve not really got a farts chance in hell of getting it.

I’m gonna put a blog post up about the Happy Hacking Keyboards up later.

The girlfriend and I have just got copies of Guild Wars, which I am wasting more time on than I should.

Just took a break to clean the room. Gonna finish off the job app first and then play Guild Wars.



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