Quite a nice day

As you can see I’m not always the best at thinking up great post titles.

With a small amount of hindsight, I think my previous post was possibly a tad ‘gushy’. I have actually got quite a fair bit of work done today. Was able to trawl thru a few interesting papers with regards to Plan 9 and related topics. The oil filter on the car has been changed. I’m currently backing up my dead windows hdd. All the usual tasks have been accomplished, bags are packed, car is fueled and the like. I’m still to iron everything and get it all in the car, but I’m most of the way there. I’ve managed to copy a few pages of notes. So some revision has been done. A few forms have been filled in, so I’m happy about that as well.

I’d still like to change the time on the server before I go, get the first ticket at trac.lampymud.co.uk out of the way. That’d be nice. Hopefully my main box will have slackware installed by sometime this evening. If things really go well it’ll have ndiswrapper making the wireless card work as well. Doubt I’ll get as far as a working desktop environment tho. I’d like to be able to do a ‘best of both’ environment, using enlightenment for the WM and being able to pick and choose my favourite apps from KDE, Gnome and the like. Need to look into that.

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