What a great winter so far

Well it’s back to rain and wind here in South Wales, for the first time in a fortnight I’ve been able to drive with out having to worry about whether or not it’s too icy to drive.  It’s been a surreal couple of weeks.  I’ve been up to Scotland climbing for the first time (hopefully the first of many) and due to the fantastically cold weather I’ve been able to do some Ice Climbing here in South Wales.  I’ve climbed some classic routes in perfect conditions, Ledge Route on the Ben, Steall Waterfalls in Glen Nevis and closer to home the rarely formed Joe’s Waterfall on the Black Mountain.  Lets hope the final trip of the season in mid feb up to the Cairngorms is as good.  If not I can’t complain, I’ve managed to cram an awesome amount of climbing in the past fortnight.  Here’s to more!

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