Been meaning to

Write a post up on here for ages now. Never quite managed it. Hopefully now that I can type on the lappy at the bnb then I might be able to post up a bit more often.

Server development has been going really slow. I need to save a copy of the current svn repo and then rebuild svn. It’ll prolly involve lots of hand configuration. bleh.

I’m seriously thinking of moving hosts again, back to my old VM provider. I get a lot more space with them than I currently do. Must see if I can squeeze some space out of the current guys. That’d make it perfect.

The New Year and all that

Well. It has been a long time since anything meaningful came up on here. As I mentioned in the previous post work has kept me from posting much. I am working about 70 miles away from where I live, so to keep me sane I’m staying in a B&B about 10 miles away from my place of work. Which doesn’t have an internet connection :(. So I’m only online during the weekends, which are generally fairly hectic. Making it hard for me to find the time to post, as obviously spending time with TG is more important.

Dead network card

My network card died the other day. Causing my last post to be more accurate than I’d have liked it to be. The first replacement was pretty crap and wouldn’t work. It was incompatible. A new card was duly ordered and took an age to arrive. But it is here now.

I’ve got a job hat means I won’t be online during the week. So this blog will be quiet over he coming weeks and months.

Not that painful

Job searching hasn’t been that bad really. I’ve had several interviews and have several more. Any advance on the server has ground to a halt, I’ve not had the motivation recently. On the flip side I’ve been playing quite a fair bit of eve. That game has me in it’s clutches well and truely.

TG is very excited about christmas. I’m more worried about sorting out and paying for presents for everyone.

Tomorrow will involve building a PC for TG and sorting out the OSes on mine. The build does assume hat all the components arrive in the post, but I’m hopeful that they will.

I wonder if I will keep on going with this blog.

Site domain purchased

Well I have finally made the plunge and got my self a .com. Well maybe not a .com, but some kind of domain for the server. I’ll let you all know what it is when it is all finalised and up. Which will mean the server part of this blog moving….

Server Site name….

I’m trying to come up with a server site name for this thing. So I can keep a status update and the like on the front page. Just can’t quite figure out what to get.

Any ideas on a decent domain name?