Away for the next few days

The next two months are going to be very hectic for me, so apart from some basic config when I get back from MK this will probably stay looking like this for a while. By basic config I mean setting up on this server and adding all my mates to this bad boy.

I am going away to MK to pick up my mum’s old car (now mine!) and then back to aber via Rhi’s in Brecon to see her and break the journey up a tad. I will be back in aber on the 6th of september.

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Hello World

Well with much thanks to Greg I am now in possesion of a shiny new wordpress install. Rather pretty isn’t it? It looks good from here.

Well I have rejoined tho blogosphere again. Last time I was here I used Greymatter, which is a fine piece of software but the shininess of this has called out to me.

Now I just have to twiddle with apache so that this comes up on the main page.

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