Burnt out

I am feeling pretty burnt out at the moment for various reasons. Had a bit of a funny mood this evening, which the Girlfriend coped with pretty well I think. We had a splurge on pancakes, ice cream and chocolte syrup. She also spent a lot of the evening sorting out our uber anime connection of doom. Applied to three jobs so far. Got several more on my list of jobs to apply to. But still not got a massive amount of them which isn’t very confidence inspiring.

Got an Wolf on EvE. That is what is called an assault frigate and it is a nice ship. My self, the g/f and her bro are all getting guildwars soon, which is pretty cool. Quite looking forward to it.

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Unicomp Keyboards

Well this blog is turning into a blog about keyboards isn’t it.

Unicomp are the people who now hold the licence for the buckling spring style keyboard. as Lexmark and IBm did before them. see the previous post for stuff about the IBM Model M keyboard. Also they can make the original IBM Model M board if they want to, which is kinda cool.

They have a few really nice boards, several which are totally out of my range really. There is one that is sepicfically arranged for linux users, one with 122 keys (extras for terminal emulation. I especially like:

The Mighty Mouse (a PDF file) which is a compact (ie no num pad) keyboard with a small mouse nodule in the keyboard. I personally quite like them and it is less movement of the hands. It also come in black, which is always good. You can also buy a separate numpad if needed. The prices aren’t insane either. Kinda like the Happy Hacking board, but a bit cheaper.

As always

I am up late and doing nothing of any great worth. I have just tidied up my pit of a room, hopefully this will aid me in the great watch hunt, an object that has been missing for well over a week now. I am cuurently waiting for a DVD to burn and a download to finish.

Currently sniffling into a yoghurt, breaking all rules of getting a good nights sleep. Fortunately that is something I rarely have to worry about. Unlike the poor girlfriend who rarely sleeps for more than a few hours a night. I think the time spent laying wake imagining long periods of time have passed are shorter than she thinks, but still she doesn’t sleep well.

I am seriously considering an change of one of the server config files, but that would require an apache restart. A task that if it fails ould leave me staying up half the night to try and get the damned thing to work again. I think it ould be sensible to instead fire up open office and print off a file and read some more of my python book. Who knows one of these days I may actually attempt to write some code instead of just thinking about it.

The girlfriend and I cooked Beef Teriyaki and Vegetable stir fry for all this evening. The Teriyaki came out quite nice, it wasn’t the best steak in the orld, just plain frying steak, but a good long marinade and it came out pretty well. The veggie stir fry was ok, but a bit bland and you couldn’t taste the sauce much. We also put rice noodle in ith the veggies, hich didn’t ork out too great. I think there was too much veg and too little sauce. But it all went down everyone’s gullets quickly enough.

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The One True Keyboard

I am of course talking about an IBM Model M keyboard, some thing which I have been humming over for a while now. Clickykeyborads sell them at quite decent prices, with the basic models coming in at $35-40, which I can just about afford at the moment especially as my current keyboard has developed a number of dead keys recently, which means I really have to hammer it to get much of a response.

I have gone through several boards over the past few years. The first of which was a plain ole Apple keyboard, which I still have and is still quite a good board. aafter that came my rather expensive folly, a TouchSTream LP. It as a great idea, but just a bit too odd for me to be honest, I never got on well with it.

I now use one of the afore mentioned TypeMatrix boards a 2030, but as mentioned it has a fe dead keys and despite my like of the general design again the layout is a bit odd. I do like the dvorak layout despite the fact that I am not typing faster than I was and I am not sure that it is helping on the RSI front. But that is probably due to lack of pracitce on my part than any flas in the layout.

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It lives!

Well my various operating systems are all now nice and happy again, this makes me also happy. I can now get on eve and this makes me even happier… This post is going to be a bit of an updates post as well as a oh gawd I’m lazy post.


Well unsurprisingly I am being lazy with this (You may notice the lazy theme running thru this post). Now that Apache. PHP and MySQL are all going fine I am not really bothering with doing the things I should be doing. The mailserver is installed and running, but rather badly configured. To the extent of it not quite working. The same could be said for the mutt install.


Is kinda good. It is nice being back with Rhi. It is odd that we aren’t living out of each others pockets as we used to back in Lampeter, but still it is very nice to be back in close proximity for long periods of time. The job side of things is less good. The introduction of the web and eve along with a comfy home life. I am living with her parents, who are both lovely so I am not having massive impetus to leave. Also I bloody hate job searching. I have got a part time job in a pub, which is nice I guess. Well it is money, which is really nice. A few proper job apps have gone out, but moving out of here in a months time is looking slim atm…


Well the compy is running happily again. I am increasing annoyed with this keyboard, and i can see the lack of desk in here driving me nuts. Several of the keys are prettf dead unless you hammer them. I am thinking of getting a “One true keyboard” but I am not sure that would help the creaky od wrists. Which still click, but don’t hurt much these days. Maybe the cod liver oil is working.

Famous last words on that I am quite sure.

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Dead again

Well I am offline again. I killed ny windows 2k install last night and then had to donate my wireless card to the g/fs brother so he could get on the network. A new one is ordered so I should be back on by saturday hopefully.

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Web access again

I am back online, which is really really nice. I can live with out the internet, but it is nice to have it back. This means i can get on eve again, which is even better.

More on here tomorrow and more on teh job search of doom.

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Should now resolve correctly, which is rather nice. Was rather easy to set up now I’ve got the hang of the virtualhosts directive. Just got to get the postfix MTA up and running now.

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What sucks?

Job searching sucks…

No it really does.

Oh well best get back to it.

There will be broadband here soon, so the blog will get more love soonish.

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Got pathfinderlarp.org.uk back

Well I have managed to get it transfered across to my new registrar, this has meant quite a bit of downtime of the domain name which is unfortunate. I have however kept the site up and running cheerfully. Really quite happy with the server so far. I’d like to get a mailserver up and running as a next job. That will be handy.

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