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I am up late and doing nothing of any great worth. I have just tidied up my pit of a room, hopefully this will aid me in the great watch hunt, an object that has been missing for well over a week now. I am cuurently waiting for a DVD to burn and a download to finish.

Currently sniffling into a yoghurt, breaking all rules of getting a good nights sleep. Fortunately that is something I rarely have to worry about. Unlike the poor girlfriend who rarely sleeps for more than a few hours a night. I think the time spent laying wake imagining long periods of time have passed are shorter than she thinks, but still she doesn’t sleep well.

I am seriously considering an change of one of the server config files, but that would require an apache restart. A task that if it fails ould leave me staying up half the night to try and get the damned thing to work again. I think it ould be sensible to instead fire up open office and print off a file and read some more of my python book. Who knows one of these days I may actually attempt to write some code instead of just thinking about it.

The girlfriend and I cooked Beef Teriyaki and Vegetable stir fry for all this evening. The Teriyaki came out quite nice, it wasn’t the best steak in the orld, just plain frying steak, but a good long marinade and it came out pretty well. The veggie stir fry was ok, but a bit bland and you couldn’t taste the sauce much. We also put rice noodle in ith the veggies, hich didn’t ork out too great. I think there was too much veg and too little sauce. But it all went down everyone’s gullets quickly enough.

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