It lives!

Well my various operating systems are all now nice and happy again, this makes me also happy. I can now get on eve and this makes me even happier… This post is going to be a bit of an updates post as well as a oh gawd I’m lazy post.


Well unsurprisingly I am being lazy with this (You may notice the lazy theme running thru this post). Now that Apache. PHP and MySQL are all going fine I am not really bothering with doing the things I should be doing. The mailserver is installed and running, but rather badly configured. To the extent of it not quite working. The same could be said for the mutt install.


Is kinda good. It is nice being back with Rhi. It is odd that we aren’t living out of each others pockets as we used to back in Lampeter, but still it is very nice to be back in close proximity for long periods of time. The job side of things is less good. The introduction of the web and eve along with a comfy home life. I am living with her parents, who are both lovely so I am not having massive impetus to leave. Also I bloody hate job searching. I have got a part time job in a pub, which is nice I guess. Well it is money, which is really nice. A few proper job apps have gone out, but moving out of here in a months time is looking slim atm…


Well the compy is running happily again. I am increasing annoyed with this keyboard, and i can see the lack of desk in here driving me nuts. Several of the keys are prettf dead unless you hammer them. I am thinking of getting a “One true keyboard” but I am not sure that would help the creaky od wrists. Which still click, but don’t hurt much these days. Maybe the cod liver oil is working.

Famous last words on that I am quite sure.

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