Job Search

Is under way, it is going really slow however. I am not enjoying it much. Managed to get signed on at a few job agencies. But I have seen a few nice jobs, so I will hopefully get lucky. Urk.

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Just before I go

A quick status update. 96% of my stuff is out of the draws and cupboards. But the room is an absolute mess. Stuff strewn everywhere. I’ve filled a bin bag already and will probably fill another before I leave. Ugh. All sweaty and horrible and I’ve got to drive down to Brecon now….

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Well I’m waiting for my food to cook and it is taking too long. Which pretty much sums up how well the day is going. I’ve got all the books back to the library, had a chat with Edel about my masters and found out when the uni are going to be closing my uni account. On the masters front it doesn’t look like I’ve got the pass-proceed yet, so the thesis is still on hold. I’ve got a bit more packing done, but still quite a way to go on that front.

As for job searching and tho like I’ve not really done anything much. Done some reading, but no actual action….

Oh well, hopefully food is done now.

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Packing fun

Well now that the server is sorted pretty much I am concentrating on packing and such fun things. I am going to trundle up to the uni in a bit to dump off my books. I ended staying up pretty late last night due to aforementioned server. Got to get a good long nights sleep tonight, cause I am taking the first run of stuff over to Rhi’s tomorrow. Lots of packing and cleaning to be done before them. Got to do my CV, clean the room, find some job agencies and apply for a job or two. Eh, buseh! Gonna get really hectic over the next few days.

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pathfinderlarp up on server

Well after a lot of fiddling i have managed to get the pathfinder site up on the server. I was deeply unimpressed with how poorly phpBB2 handles a database restore. I ended up using a script calledBigDump to put the backup sql file into the new database. i then had to run a whole load of db queries to get access to the db again. I will prolly have to do that again, when the domain resolves properly again. Still it teaches me more about db management, so it isn’t all bad.

I really want to switch from phpBB2 to a more robust piece of software now. I am hoping to set up a gallery, CMS and forums setup for the main pathfinder site. Providing I can transfer the db across, I don’t think I will be using phpBB2 for it.

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Back in Aberystwyth

Well I am here for the last few days now. Quite daunting really. By the weekend I will be moved into another room, this time the guest room at Rhi’s house, for a few months while we get ourselves sorted with jobs in sunny Cardiff. Again that is pretty daunting.

Before then I have quite a large list of things to do. I have to get the pathfinder site on hugh and make sure it is all working well. Then on to serious stuff, CVs, job applications and the like.

Random cool stuff via boingboing:

Urban Dead – a zombie horror survival browser based game

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In Brecon for another day

I am staying in Brecon with Rhi for another day. We decided it would be nice to have a day out together, so we are going to visit Hay on Wye and take a peek at all the bookshops there. I will be back in aber tomorrow and will be getting on with moving Pathfinder across to Hugh asap. Anyway I have to go and get ready now, so again, more tomorrow.

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Safely in Brecon

Well I managed to get across to Brecon safely enough. I had a nice few days in Newport Pagnell and Rhi and I have just been out for a nice meal. More tomorrow.

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