The One True Keyboard

I am of course talking about an IBM Model M keyboard, some thing which I have been humming over for a while now. Clickykeyborads sell them at quite decent prices, with the basic models coming in at $35-40, which I can just about afford at the moment especially as my current keyboard has developed a number of dead keys recently, which means I really have to hammer it to get much of a response.

I have gone through several boards over the past few years. The first of which was a plain ole Apple keyboard, which I still have and is still quite a good board. aafter that came my rather expensive folly, a TouchSTream LP. It as a great idea, but just a bit too odd for me to be honest, I never got on well with it.

I now use one of the afore mentioned TypeMatrix boards a 2030, but as mentioned it has a fe dead keys and despite my like of the general design again the layout is a bit odd. I do like the dvorak layout despite the fact that I am not typing faster than I was and I am not sure that it is helping on the RSI front. But that is probably due to lack of pracitce on my part than any flas in the layout.

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