Unicomp Keyboards

Well this blog is turning into a blog about keyboards isn’t it.

Unicomp are the people who now hold the licence for the buckling spring style keyboard. as Lexmark and IBm did before them. see the previous post for stuff about the IBM Model M keyboard. Also they can make the original IBM Model M board if they want to, which is kinda cool.

They have a few really nice boards, several which are totally out of my range really. There is one that is sepicfically arranged for linux users, one with 122 keys (extras for terminal emulation. I especially like:

The Mighty Mouse (a PDF file) which is a compact (ie no num pad) keyboard with a small mouse nodule in the keyboard. I personally quite like them and it is less movement of the hands. It also come in black, which is always good. You can also buy a separate numpad if needed. The prices aren’t insane either. Kinda like the Happy Hacking board, but a bit cheaper.

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