Cardiff was wet…

But TG and I are now well sorted out for clothes. I bought a pair of jeans and she bought a pair of smart trousers, a pair of casual trousers and a top for work.

The wetness did have a down side. In that it has made TG rather ill. She’s lying in bed atm feeling and looking ill.

I had intended to blog about more, but I’m not quite in the mood to do so now. G’night all.

Going to Cardiff

The Girlfriend and I are going into Cardiff tomorrow. Which means a nice and early start. The main aim of this is to get jeans for me. TG has decided that she needs Smart Casual Trousers. For 3 days work experience. Yeeesssss. I on the other hand have only 2 pairs of jeans or cords without holes in the crotch. I’m not that fussed by this but TG is, and she does have a valid point. So I guess I ought to get a new pair. Especially since one pair always stinks due to the wonders of work. I quite like working in a pub, but it does smell somewhat. Ugh.

I’ve just got to find a shop that I’ll actually like and find some jeans or cords that I like. I can be somewhat finicky when it comes to clothing. Best google for clothes shops in cardiff, before I turn in.

TG and I had a wonderful day in Newport, Pembrokshire. We visited a friend of hers who has recently bought a cafe with her mum. It is a incredibly nice little cafe, with a great flat upstairs. We are both very jealous. We also went into Carmarthen. Had a breif look in some shops and TG bought a hat. It is pretty cute. I approve. We than had a nice evening slumming and watching Lost in Translation. It was a truly great day.

I’ve got a few job interviews, which I’m feeling confident about. I’ve also got more jobs to apply to, it is all going quite well on that front.

Well it is best to get back to my book on TCP and Windows NT, I’ve used it before, but don’t currently have it installed. I do have a disk for installation however. I guess I ought to install it again. And on that front I just downloaded Solaris 10. And I’ve got a cool idea for flock and outfoxed. But more on that later. Book beckons!

Site domain purchased

Well I have finally made the plunge and got my self a .com. Well maybe not a .com, but some kind of domain for the server. I’ll let you all know what it is when it is all finalised and up. Which will mean the server part of this blog moving….

Server Site name….

I’m trying to come up with a server site name for this thing. So I can keep a status update and the like on the front page. Just can’t quite figure out what to get.

Any ideas on a decent domain name?

Mediaeval Baebes

Well this evening the girlfriend and I are going to see the Mediaeval Baebes at the Theatr Brycheiniog here in Brecon. I’m not sure about his to be honest. Obviously it is not something i’d go to of my own accord, but the girlfriend likes them, so I’m duty bound so to speak. It is her birthday treat really. Bit early but it is what she wants.

I may give a little write up later on when we get back.

I love showers

They wake me up so well these days. The one at the girlfriends isn’t that great, but it is nice and warm and does the job of getting and keeping me clean. Before I showered I was lying in my pit feeling grim from last night (I work in a pub these days and I come home smelling like somethings armpit), thinking bad things and generally feeling shite.

Now I’m sitting here blogging feeling all chirpy and ready to go out and do something ™. Which would be swimming. I’ve not been for ages and seeing as I am feeling really fat these days I ought to get out and excercise more. Doesn’t help that my knees hurt like hell after working out on the rowing and cycling machines we have in the conservatory here. I’m gonna be starting a sport/exercise category for keeping tab of how nuch sport I’m doing. I need to get away from stewing in front of the computer.

So rough plan is grab some food, start on a plan for the server, go swim and have a stroll around town, get back, finish off plan, do some emails, set up logrotate and by that time the Girlfriend should be back home and then we are going to spend the evening watchinc ROD the TV series snuggling. Which I am quite looking forward to.


Well firstly I’m not even sure how you spell ly-in. Bleh. But I’m not entriely sure I wanted to ly-in to day. Indeed it is getting more annoying, because I just feel when I have that I’ve done nothing and wasted the day totally. I woke up about an hour ago.

Sorted several things last night. I wasn’t root hence several things faily miserably. Managed to clear up the processes table. Also a chap on the bsdforums has pointed out that the first time you make an instance of zope it creates a zope.conf.

So for any one who ever finds this on google and wonders where your zope.conf is try making an instance of zope and then see if there is a zope.conf in /etc/.

Ok well I’m gonna have breakfast now and have a shower, see if that makes me feel more human.


It is late. I’m not going to be able to see Rhi tomorrow, our respective work means we are both working when the other is free. I’m feeling bleh in general. My server is still working as the exsitence of this post shows but something has gone wrong. Apache seems to have gone a bit mental, spewing nut loads of processes everywhere. I can’t currently stop or restart it either, which is very worrying. The httpd error log is also rather big atm. Much bigger than I think it should be. I really should get logrotate sorted out tomorrow. Ugh.

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In the mood to blog!

Quite a few posts on here today. The girlfriend and I have just been to see Pride and Prejudice at the local cinema. I thought it was ok personally, if a bit rushed in places. Possibly a bit tweaked, but not too shabby for a major hollywood film. The girlfriend on the otherhand was very unimpressed. She was annoyed that the dialogue that made the book great (in her opinion) had been cut out, the actor who played Darcy wasn’t up to much “sleepwalked through the movie”, Darcy and Elizabeth weren’t a believable couple etc etc……

I am currently installing the zope framework on to my server so that I can play around with Plone again. I want to roll it out on the pathfinder website asap. I also want to use it on my personal site. I hape to use it on the front page, but I also want to keep on using WordPress for the blog. It is probably total overkill, but I want to, just for fun. But it will mean that there are 3 databases for my site, 3 for pathfinder, 2 for cmrt plus a few others for various other bits and bobs. i’m slightly worried this will place unneccesary load on the server. Might be worth getting in touch with JC and seeing what they think. Fortunately all the site are very low traffic, so it is’nt like they are going to be hammered 24/7. I just need to implement that mysqld script, to stop it going nuts.

I’ve now seared on Guild Wars and whil there is much much more content in it, the depth and risk to be found in eve is still lacking. It is fun to play with friends for a short while, but not shaping up to be much of a long term prospect really.

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