Going to Cardiff

The Girlfriend and I are going into Cardiff tomorrow. Which means a nice and early start. The main aim of this is to get jeans for me. TG has decided that she needs Smart Casual Trousers. For 3 days work experience. Yeeesssss. I on the other hand have only 2 pairs of jeans or cords without holes in the crotch. I’m not that fussed by this but TG is, and she does have a valid point. So I guess I ought to get a new pair. Especially since one pair always stinks due to the wonders of work. I quite like working in a pub, but it does smell somewhat. Ugh.

I’ve just got to find a shop that I’ll actually like and find some jeans or cords that I like. I can be somewhat finicky when it comes to clothing. Best google for clothes shops in cardiff, before I turn in.

TG and I had a wonderful day in Newport, Pembrokshire. We visited a friend of hers who has recently bought a cafe with her mum. It is a incredibly nice little cafe, with a great flat upstairs. We are both very jealous. We also went into Carmarthen. Had a breif look in some shops and TG bought a hat. It is pretty cute. I approve. We than had a nice evening slumming and watching Lost in Translation. It was a truly great day.

I’ve got a few job interviews, which I’m feeling confident about. I’ve also got more jobs to apply to, it is all going quite well on that front.

Well it is best to get back to my book on TCP and Windows NT, I’ve used it before, but don’t currently have it installed. I do have a disk for installation however. I guess I ought to install it again. And on that front I just downloaded Solaris 10. And I’ve got a cool idea for flock and outfoxed. But more on that later. Book beckons!

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