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Quite a few posts on here today. The girlfriend and I have just been to see Pride and Prejudice at the local cinema. I thought it was ok personally, if a bit rushed in places. Possibly a bit tweaked, but not too shabby for a major hollywood film. The girlfriend on the otherhand was very unimpressed. She was annoyed that the dialogue that made the book great (in her opinion) had been cut out, the actor who played Darcy wasn’t up to much “sleepwalked through the movie”, Darcy and Elizabeth weren’t a believable couple etc etc……

I am currently installing the zope framework on to my server so that I can play around with Plone again. I want to roll it out on the pathfinder website asap. I also want to use it on my personal site. I hape to use it on the front page, but I also want to keep on using WordPress for the blog. It is probably total overkill, but I want to, just for fun. But it will mean that there are 3 databases for my site, 3 for pathfinder, 2 for cmrt plus a few others for various other bits and bobs. i’m slightly worried this will place unneccesary load on the server. Might be worth getting in touch with JC and seeing what they think. Fortunately all the site are very low traffic, so it is’nt like they are going to be hammered 24/7. I just need to implement that mysqld script, to stop it going nuts.

I’ve now seared on Guild Wars and whil there is much much more content in it, the depth and risk to be found in eve is still lacking. It is fun to play with friends for a short while, but not shaping up to be much of a long term prospect really.

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