Well firstly I’m not even sure how you spell ly-in. Bleh. But I’m not entriely sure I wanted to ly-in to day. Indeed it is getting more annoying, because I just feel when I have that I’ve done nothing and wasted the day totally. I woke up about an hour ago.

Sorted several things last night. I wasn’t root hence several things faily miserably. Managed to clear up the processes table. Also a chap on the bsdforums has pointed out that the first time you make an instance of zope it creates a zope.conf.

So for any one who ever finds this on google and wonders where your zope.conf is try making an instance of zope and then see if there is a zope.conf in /etc/.

Ok well I’m gonna have breakfast now and have a shower, see if that makes me feel more human.

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