This weekend

Has been rather odd so far. But generally quite nice. TG and I had a very nice pizza on saturday evening. I’d borrowed a copy of Lost for her from a mate at work so she spent a nice afternoon/evening watching that while I mooched on the net. Today followed a similar pattern. She watched lost and I mooched online. I’ve installed a bunch of software on the server that runs this site. Got rid of a site that was previously on here, but the guy that runs it no longer wants to run it. I’ve done the usual packing related activities ready for the week. Just got the 6:30am wake-up and drive to look forward to.

As supposed in my previous post any blogging has gone totally downhill. I think it is mainly an activity I do a lot of when I’m not busy with other things, eg work, essays etc.

And now I’m out of things to say. Ought to try and write more useful tech type stuff on here.

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