Upgraded to 2.0

I have upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.0, which was a rather painless process. It is now a bit more inline with the other blog on this site, blog.hughservers.com. I am quite liking some features of the latest WordPress, but the formatting of the HTML needs a little work.

Now to get to skinning both of these…

Who’d have thought

It’d take so long to transfer ~70gb of data from a SATA to a IDE drive using knoppix. It has been going for a good few hours now. The installation of slackware looks to be increasingly unlikely tonight. I’ll have to content myself to setting the server time correctly, backing up this wordpress db and if I’m really quick upgrading this 1.5 to 2.0.

My hankering for a desk

Is getting quite rabid shall we say. I’m thinking about it quite a fair amount. Nothing complex. Just a nice simple desk. With the option to have a few drawers (removable ones) put in/underneath it. Wide and deep enough to allow me to spread out when I’m working and to allow comfort when typing.

The bed is nice, But has pretty major limitations.

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Quite a nice day

As you can see I’m not always the best at thinking up great post titles.

With a small amount of hindsight, I think my previous post was possibly a tad ‘gushy’. I have actually got quite a fair bit of work done today. Was able to trawl thru a few interesting papers with regards to Plan 9 and related topics. The oil filter on the car has been changed. I’m currently backing up my dead windows hdd. All the usual tasks have been accomplished, bags are packed, car is fueled and the like. I’m still to iron everything and get it all in the car, but I’m most of the way there. I’ve managed to copy a few pages of notes. So some revision has been done. A few forms have been filled in, so I’m happy about that as well.

I’d still like to change the time on the server before I go, get the first ticket at trac.lampymud.co.uk out of the way. That’d be nice. Hopefully my main box will have slackware installed by sometime this evening. If things really go well it’ll have ndiswrapper making the wireless card work as well. Doubt I’ll get as far as a working desktop environment tho. I’d like to be able to do a ‘best of both’ environment, using enlightenment for the WM and being able to pick and choose my favourite apps from KDE, Gnome and the like. Need to look into that.

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People inspire me

I’ve been reading the 9fans mailing list again recently. The posts from there plonk into my gmail mailbox in a regular basis and often, due to the volume of mail from various mailing lists, gets largely ignored. But for the past few days I’ve been reading the list again. For the large part the discussion goes over my head. It is often about the technicalities of operating system programming, by people such as Rob Pike, Russ Cox, Ron Minnch and others (I wasn’t picking on the ‘R’s on purpose there). But whilst my lack of understanding often makes the list rather confusing reading I’m often struck by the level of compentence these people hold in their chosen field.

The internet often makes me feel inadequate, I mean you can’t listen in on discussions that say the Ferrari engineers have about their F1 cars or somesuch. However, here on the web if you look in the right places you can get a pretty good insight into how some very talented people do their work. It does inspire me and frustrate me all in once.

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Nothing to see here

Move along people. Move along.

On the upside trac.lampymud.co.uk now works. I’m also installing slackware on my machine atm. With the intention of getting enlightenment working.

*crosses fingers*

Bikes, lack of fitness and hughblog

Well. Today has been fun. TG and I went into town with the intention of sorting out the road tax, only to find that we were 4 days early. Which sucks arse. TG tried to find some comfy work shoes that fit. She failed. Rather unfortunate that. I’m lucky I bought a pair in clarks ages ago. Trainery shoe. Nice comfy sole.

After this I dropped TG off at work. She drove there which is good. I then mooched around on the web and on eve for a few hours before finally going off out on a bike ride. This was rather tiring. That bit was quite depressing. The hill I went up and over was so big I had to push most of the way up. The downs were good fun tho. I need to get better brakes on this bike. Infact the list of new kit is quite large.

New backpack
New tyre/inner tubes/slime guards (pretty essential)
Lightweight windproof top (howies sell some nice ones)
Base layer of some kind
Better brakes (discs, which will mean a new frame)

The better brakes quest has led me to look on ebay for a pace frame of some kind. I found on the fast descents I couldn’t scrub speed quickly when I wanted to. The rear V brake was clogged with mud, and due to its age the front disc is worthless. That will require a new wheel because you can’t get discs for the current hub anymore. I’m happy going fast, when I know I can a) stop quickly b) get to the right speed for corners/obsticales.

Last item – blog.hughservers.com is now, finally live. Ugh. Took me 45 minutes as well. I’d forgotten the right syntax for a few commands. Mainly the one to GRANT ALL PRIVS and how to unzip a tar.gz properly. Bit crap that really. I appreciate the power of the command line, but I need to work with it more to get good with it. I work so much with GUIs that I find it hard to break out of the GUI mould.

So much more

I’d intended to post up so much more last night. But I got stuck on eve. Some mates of mine went ratting in 0.0. I decided to pop along with them. It was great fun. We were all on Ventrillo together. We found a nice system and quite a few decent spawns. I had to leave early, but had a great time there.

Ah well. Best get down to some work.

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Been a long week

It has been a long week. Work has been fine. Just the whole rigmarole of travelling 70 miles into work on a monday morning and then 70 miles back is wearing.

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Not enough time

Well as per usual I’m feeling rather frazzled. It is about 6 hours away from my commute into work and I’m still not in bed and sleeping as I should be if I had any sense at all. As always my lack of time at the weekends as led to me feeling rather strectched. I’ve not got several of the things that I’d planned on doing done.

On the upside the car now has a totally new set of tires, which is good. It needed them. The rear tires were ancient and the fronts were badly worn.

I had hoped to do some MUDding this weekend to get a feel for other MUDs and maybe get some ideas for commands for LamPyMUD. I also need to get to work on some areas of the much vaunted Pathfinder Wales, which seems damned to stay little more than a vague idea in my head and a whole bunch of background that TG and I wrote one weekend.

And the headache that I thought I’d shook off earlier has come back. Heres to hoping it is gone by tomorrow…

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