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Well. Today has been fun. TG and I went into town with the intention of sorting out the road tax, only to find that we were 4 days early. Which sucks arse. TG tried to find some comfy work shoes that fit. She failed. Rather unfortunate that. I’m lucky I bought a pair in clarks ages ago. Trainery shoe. Nice comfy sole.

After this I dropped TG off at work. She drove there which is good. I then mooched around on the web and on eve for a few hours before finally going off out on a bike ride. This was rather tiring. That bit was quite depressing. The hill I went up and over was so big I had to push most of the way up. The downs were good fun tho. I need to get better brakes on this bike. Infact the list of new kit is quite large.

New backpack
New tyre/inner tubes/slime guards (pretty essential)
Lightweight windproof top (howies sell some nice ones)
Base layer of some kind
Better brakes (discs, which will mean a new frame)

The better brakes quest has led me to look on ebay for a pace frame of some kind. I found on the fast descents I couldn’t scrub speed quickly when I wanted to. The rear V brake was clogged with mud, and due to its age the front disc is worthless. That will require a new wheel because you can’t get discs for the current hub anymore. I’m happy going fast, when I know I can a) stop quickly b) get to the right speed for corners/obsticales.

Last item – is now, finally live. Ugh. Took me 45 minutes as well. I’d forgotten the right syntax for a few commands. Mainly the one to GRANT ALL PRIVS and how to unzip a tar.gz properly. Bit crap that really. I appreciate the power of the command line, but I need to work with it more to get good with it. I work so much with GUIs that I find it hard to break out of the GUI mould.

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