Not enough time

Well as per usual I’m feeling rather frazzled. It is about 6 hours away from my commute into work and I’m still not in bed and sleeping as I should be if I had any sense at all. As always my lack of time at the weekends as led to me feeling rather strectched. I’ve not got several of the things that I’d planned on doing done.

On the upside the car now has a totally new set of tires, which is good. It needed them. The rear tires were ancient and the fronts were badly worn.

I had hoped to do some MUDding this weekend to get a feel for other MUDs and maybe get some ideas for commands for LamPyMUD. I also need to get to work on some areas of the much vaunted Pathfinder Wales, which seems damned to stay little more than a vague idea in my head and a whole bunch of background that TG and I wrote one weekend.

And the headache that I thought I’d shook off earlier has come back. Heres to hoping it is gone by tomorrow…

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