People inspire me

I’ve been reading the 9fans mailing list again recently. The posts from there plonk into my gmail mailbox in a regular basis and often, due to the volume of mail from various mailing lists, gets largely ignored. But for the past few days I’ve been reading the list again. For the large part the discussion goes over my head. It is often about the technicalities of operating system programming, by people such as Rob Pike, Russ Cox, Ron Minnch and others (I wasn’t picking on the ‘R’s on purpose there). But whilst my lack of understanding often makes the list rather confusing reading I’m often struck by the level of compentence these people hold in their chosen field.

The internet often makes me feel inadequate, I mean you can’t listen in on discussions that say the Ferrari engineers have about their F1 cars or somesuch. However, here on the web if you look in the right places you can get a pretty good insight into how some very talented people do their work. It does inspire me and frustrate me all in once.

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