It all stems from struggling for sleep.

Rattling, buzzing. I feel like everything is passing at a million miles an hour. And I’m missing it all. I’m not doing enough to secure my future. I’ve not got a house, heck, I’m not even paying into a pension fund. I know how important it is, I’ve just not got down to reading through the paper work on it and filling the forms in. I’m trying to learn things, that I’ve spent ages on before and never really got. There are other things that I’m able to understand much better, but they aren’t as cool, so I’m not bothering with them.

I’ve got more books to read than I’ve got time to read. I could sit down and start on some of the bigger ones and I’d still be going in 6 months time. More and more tech books to cater to what ever I’m obsessed with at the moment. More and more tech books that will be irrelevant in 6 to 12 months time. I have 5 books on Java that I bought on my masters course that I won’t sell, yet won’t get the usage from any time soon.

All this put me in a very funny maudlin mood the following day. I’m still coming down from it. Who says you need drugs to fuck yourself up? You can do it all in your head with a little bit of effort!

Addendum:- I’ll put an scan of the garbled bit of paper that gave life to this post. I don’t think that the coffee that I had around 21:30 really influenced it. However it is possible. I’m not generally that affected by coffee as much these days. It doesn’t have the ‘zing’ effect anymore :/





I have a feeling this may end up being a rather ranty post. Many things to rant about.

Leather soled shoes

Just got my first pair of leather soled shoes from Slaters the other day. Only £30, which is a good price. For the uninitiated leather soled shoes are an older style of shoe, that use leather for the sole (durr) unlike most shoes to day which use some rubber/plastic variant. This is pretty good as you can get the whole shoe re-heeled and re-soled. Which is nice as you don’t have to chuck a pair of shoes once you’ve got them nice and comfy. This pair is more of a boot than a shoe and is really comfy for a ‘proper’ shoe. I’m rather chuffed with them.


I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated with my own irrational wants for certain things. Mainly various computer parts. It does annoy me that I’ve become/have always been so hopelessly materialistic. In a way it is quite disgusting, as I consume so much more than I should do. This is a theme I think I’ll have to expand on in the future. Nothing great I’m afraid, I don’t do great long rambling (but fairly insightful posts, ala Steve Yegge or Joel on Software


I will be blogging at much more about this new media player. But god is it awesome. It is as good as amarok is, which is always one of the things that I miss the most about using linux. Having your whole music library there to search is so useful. There is a whole host of other useful stuff there as well.

Good news

The dissertation for my masters that I have hanging over my head isn’t actually due in March as I thought, it is due in August, so my lecturer tells me. Gives me a bit more breathing time. Very nice news that.


I’m vaguely toying with nanowrimo again. I did toy with it a few years ago. It looks like a nifty thing to try out. If I had a even half decent idea in my head I’m sure I could churn it out. Well I do actually, it’d be kind of cool to do a Pathfinder related novel. Not sure that I could hack typing out 50k words in such a short period of time.

Run 141006

Well I had planned on going for a run, but I’ve still pretty much got shin splints. I’ve not actually done anything about this either, which is pretty weak. I need to get down to doing the stretches and strengthening exercises ASAP. Otherwise I’m going to bugger things up.

I’ll try and go swimming post work next week me thinks.

Will to LARP

I think I’ve kinda lost the will to LARP. Which is a bit of a bugger seeing as I’m still currently rather heavily involved in one system and I have a godawful amount of money tied up in the large amount of LARP kit that has taken over one room of the new place.

It was Lampeter that did it for me. I’m not going to name any names, but the people who made the system into a utter bitchfest in the last few months know who they are. It is a great pity that the LARP in Lampeter doesn’t seem to have continued in any real shape or form. Anything would be better than the nothingness that there seems to be now.

When I actually get to an event, I do have a good enough time. The last overnighter wasn’t really that bad. I did rather feel like a spare part however. Paul and John pretty much did my job for me and I’ve not reffed for so long, that I was horrifically out of practice. The worst moment was at the end of the last day and the final bit where I had to NPC the (now ex) King Ethan. I didn’t have any feelings either way till I actually had to do it. Now he isn’t really a bad guy but isn’t really a nice guy either. Which is actually good. He is a decent well rounded character with believable motives for his actions. I still felt like the bad guy whilst playing him and pretty much hated the whole thing. At that point I just wanted to go home.


OMG no internet

Moved into the new place the other day. Tis very nice, spacious and newly decorated. The neighbours are all friendly people. But as I was hulking boxes around the place it began to hit me. No internet. For at least a week, because as we are renting the time from having the credit checks passed to us actually moving in was quite quick. A lot less time than the 5-7 working days notice needed to cancel the old ADSL circuit and get the new one set up on the new line.

This seems to be more of a shock for TG, as I think she’s got quite used to 24/7 web access. I’ve gone with out it every now and again for a while. Helps that I’ve been online a lot longer. Doesn’t bother me as much. Indeed it means that I tend to use my PC less, which isn’t exactly a bad thing

Off for a week

Well we’ve moved into our new place.  This means we’ll be with out a web connection for a few days.  So, not much updating for a while.  I’ll write a post or two while I’m there tho and upload them once we’re hooked back up.

I lost my Raven :(

God-damned lag!  I was happily on the first stage of a level 4 mission, the Mordus Headhunters.  I’d popped a  few cruisers and was well on the way to popping another.  My tank was failing a bit and I’d just aligned and recalled my drones, so I could go quickly.  I was hoping to get that cruiser down before I went.  I probably did too.

But before I got a chance to go, the client froze on me.  After about 45 seconds of this, I called it a day and did c+a+d and about another minute later I got the system box up.  Eve kinda seemed to come back then, but the connection had dropped.  I relogged back into a pod.  Ouch, about 140 million ISK worth of ship gone :/  And I’d only insured it for a little bit.  Still I got the 2 named NOS back, which had cost me about 30 mill for the pair, so it isn’t that bad.