OMG no internet

Moved into the new place the other day. Tis very nice, spacious and newly decorated. The neighbours are all friendly people. But as I was hulking boxes around the place it began to hit me. No internet. For at least a week, because as we are renting the time from having the credit checks passed to us actually moving in was quite quick. A lot less time than the 5-7 working days notice needed to cancel the old ADSL circuit and get the new one set up on the new line.

This seems to be more of a shock for TG, as I think she’s got quite used to 24/7 web access. I’ve gone with out it every now and again for a while. Helps that I’ve been online a lot longer. Doesn’t bother me as much. Indeed it means that I tend to use my PC less, which isn’t exactly a bad thing

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