I have a feeling this may end up being a rather ranty post. Many things to rant about.

Leather soled shoes

Just got my first pair of leather soled shoes from Slaters the other day. Only £30, which is a good price. For the uninitiated leather soled shoes are an older style of shoe, that use leather for the sole (durr) unlike most shoes to day which use some rubber/plastic variant. This is pretty good as you can get the whole shoe re-heeled and re-soled. Which is nice as you don’t have to chuck a pair of shoes once you’ve got them nice and comfy. This pair is more of a boot than a shoe and is really comfy for a ‘proper’ shoe. I’m rather chuffed with them.


I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated with my own irrational wants for certain things. Mainly various computer parts. It does annoy me that I’ve become/have always been so hopelessly materialistic. In a way it is quite disgusting, as I consume so much more than I should do. This is a theme I think I’ll have to expand on in the future. Nothing great I’m afraid, I don’t do great long rambling (but fairly insightful posts, ala Steve Yegge or Joel on Software


I will be blogging at blog.hughservers.com much more about this new media player. But god is it awesome. It is as good as amarok is, which is always one of the things that I miss the most about using linux. Having your whole music library there to search is so useful. There is a whole host of other useful stuff there as well.

Good news

The dissertation for my masters that I have hanging over my head isn’t actually due in March as I thought, it is due in August, so my lecturer tells me. Gives me a bit more breathing time. Very nice news that.


I’m vaguely toying with nanowrimo again. I did toy with it a few years ago. It looks like a nifty thing to try out. If I had a even half decent idea in my head I’m sure I could churn it out. Well I do actually, it’d be kind of cool to do a Pathfinder related novel. Not sure that I could hack typing out 50k words in such a short period of time.

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