Will to LARP

I think I’ve kinda lost the will to LARP. Which is a bit of a bugger seeing as I’m still currently rather heavily involved in one system and I have a godawful amount of money tied up in the large amount of LARP kit that has taken over one room of the new place.

It was Lampeter that did it for me. I’m not going to name any names, but the people who made the system into a utter bitchfest in the last few months know who they are. It is a great pity that the LARP in Lampeter doesn’t seem to have continued in any real shape or form. Anything would be better than the nothingness that there seems to be now.

When I actually get to an event, I do have a good enough time. The last overnighter wasn’t really that bad. I did rather feel like a spare part however. Paul and John pretty much did my job for me and I’ve not reffed for so long, that I was horrifically out of practice. The worst moment was at the end of the last day and the final bit where I had to NPC the (now ex) King Ethan. I didn’t have any feelings either way till I actually had to do it. Now he isn’t really a bad guy but isn’t really a nice guy either. Which is actually good. He is a decent well rounded character with believable motives for his actions. I still felt like the bad guy whilst playing him and pretty much hated the whole thing. At that point I just wanted to go home.


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