Still got shin splints…

Still not really bothering with the exercises for them.  Going swimming tomorrow night, with TF.  Hopefully.  Really ought to get back to the exercises…

The Fine Art of Hoarding Pens

Last night I cleaned out my back-pack.  Whilst doing so I discovered a rather large number of pens that I’d managed to stash in there.  8 pens and 1 pencil to be exact.  I’m not counting the one that I found in my pocket today.  Quite impressed by that.

TF is having a really slobby day.  Clothes all over the place.  Very little attempt to put dirty plates away.  No attempt at tidying the laundry.  Quite worried really, she’s becoming more like me.


Miyazaki and Mythwishing…

TF and I watched Howl’s Moving Castle this evening. I’m generally a fan of Miyazaki and this one didn’t disappoint at all. The story is, as usual quite heartfelt and moving. Good for soppy people. I’m not one of them. At all. Honest guv! Miyazaki, likes to set his films in a period that is roughly (but not quite) equal to 1880s-1920s Europe. As is often the case, there is a strong moral message in the film (war is bad mmkay!). The main love story is quite charming and utterly satisfying. I won’t go into details (I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it yet) on the plot.

The film is based on the Diana Wynne Jones book of the same title. The book ends slightly differently to the film, however that isn’t always a bad thing. I’m quite interested to read the book now. We had a few problems with the DVD, the first one we got from Amazon was rather badly scratched, to the point of not being able to watch it. We returned it and Amazon sent out a replacement pretty promptly.
Been doing rather a lot of cooking recently. Been trying to expand my range. Cooked a toad-in-the-hole and a bread and butter pudding today. Both are recipes that I’ve done several times before and both clicked quite well today. They turned out very well. I’m happy that my basic skills are improving and that I can turn out nice and tasty meals quite comfortably.

I’m fairly sure I’ve mentioned before my hatred of Ikea. I haven’t? Well let me state it again: A trip to Ikea is akin to going to Hell. Having said that our trip to that place went remarkably well today. We bought a cover for our futon and a quilt for TF. Which will pretty much cover the futon.

Every now and again I go through the motions of speccing and sorting out a MythTV box. I spent part of the afternoon going through this quite enjoyable (but an utter waste of time) exercise. The biggest problem for this is that what I want to do will be quite expensive. Especially seeing as I want a silent case, with decent quality components.


I’ve had a remarkably pleasant evening. TF had a bath and I nicked the water after her. I’ve not had a bath in ages. I did a bit of reading (got a ways through this weeks Economist) and did a bit of coding. is now live again. I’ve got all the content added, got the welsh translation up and sorted all the images out. All it needs now is a tidy up with the addition of a decent CSS file and it’ll be all sorted.

Well it is late and I’ve got another 6am start. Night all.


I went to see Motorhead at the students union in Cardiff the other night. Went with a bunch of workmates, we got a bunch of subsidised tickets from our social club. Very nice. Saved me quite a bit of cash.

First up were the support, Clutch. They are a fine band. Great gutsy bluesy metal. Not the best of showmen ever, the guitarist and bassist were pretty stationary on the stage.

Then the main event; Motorhead.  They did a blinding (and deafening) set.  I was pretty glad that I bought a pair of earplugs along.  My hearing is pretty dodgy as it stands, no need to mess it up further.  The first part of the set was pretty good.  Lemmy is a great showman, no question.  The band is very good, very slick in general.  The encore of overkill and ace of spades did seem a bit tired however, I’m sure they are pretty sick of playing those songs by now.  They did a cover of Rosalee by Thin Lizzy, which was pretty nice.  Well worth seeing.  I’ll go again, if I get a chance.

04/11/2006 – 1 mile walk, 1 mile run

Well I seem to be over the shin-splints.  I’ve just waited them out and things seem to be ok now.  I need to do the exercises a bit better tho, otherwise I’m sure I’ll just get them again.  The run was ok, just a bit short.  Need to increase frequency.

My Second Desk

It won’t surprise some of you to know that my second desk is totally covered in stuff already. A week or so after I bought it. I’ve tided my room again, I’m finally winning, but still the second desk is largely piled in crap.

I’ve cleared it off to build my nice shiny new fileserver.  But now it is covered with computer bits.

I bought the nanowrimo book today.  Bit late really for this year, but I’m tempted to try it next year.