I went to see Motorhead at the students union in Cardiff the other night. Went with a bunch of workmates, we got a bunch of subsidised tickets from our social club. Very nice. Saved me quite a bit of cash.

First up were the support, Clutch. They are a fine band. Great gutsy bluesy metal. Not the best of showmen ever, the guitarist and bassist were pretty stationary on the stage.

Then the main event; Motorhead.  They did a blinding (and deafening) set.  I was pretty glad that I bought a pair of earplugs along.  My hearing is pretty dodgy as it stands, no need to mess it up further.  The first part of the set was pretty good.  Lemmy is a great showman, no question.  The band is very good, very slick in general.  The encore of overkill and ace of spades did seem a bit tired however, I’m sure they are pretty sick of playing those songs by now.  They did a cover of Rosalee by Thin Lizzy, which was pretty nice.  Well worth seeing.  I’ll go again, if I get a chance.

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