Still got shin splints…

Still not really bothering with the exercises for them.  Going swimming tomorrow night, with TF.  Hopefully.  Really ought to get back to the exercises…

7 thoughts on “Still got shin splints…

  1. Oi oi! Long time no see!

    Congratulations aon getting hitched!

    I will soon be joining you and moving to the valleys only I will be living in Newtown, Powys.

    Keep smiling

    Caz aka Tinks

  2. No actually your wrong newtown is situated at the bottom of 4 + plus valleys coming into one.

    Were you always this pedantic Matt?

  3. When people say “The Valleys” they mean the Valleys around Cardiff. Ebbw Vale, The Rhondda, Rhumney Valley etc etc. So if you said “I’m moving to the valleys” most people would assume you were moving around here to somewhere like Tonyrefail, Caerphilly, Merthyr etc. Newtown is pretty much the northenmost part of what most people call Mid Wales. I agree totally, that it is physically located in the convergence of about 4 valleys. But it isn’t ‘the valleys’.

    Unfortunately we can’t easily get a train up to there, but I hope to be going up there sooner or later (probably to run a LARP up at the farm again). So I’m sure we’ll see you soon enough.

    And yes I’ve always been pretty pedantic. That’s why I’m a reff. 😛

    This is pretty much a blog post on it’s own…

  4. Oh. My. God!

    I Just realised, annother troll based adventure with Tink & Stormclaw, now with brightstar as well could happen :S

    This scares me, deeply.

    Damn you and your troll magic. Now all it needs is Kate playing her troll as well and I will be in trollish hell.

    Love you all really, why else would I be looking to come and join you in Wales as soon as practical?

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