Remarkably tired

Another Saturday, another saturday shift.  And now I’m geared up to be going into work tomorrow.  I’m not, but I’m expecting it.  The past few weeks off illness and then a long weekend has totally thrown my work routine.  The recent troubles with snow haven’t helped, as I ended up going home early on Friday afternoon.

I am however, enjoying staying up much later than I usually do.  I’ve just read a down right scary amount of the PvP archives.  I’m also having a bit of a blitz of my room.  I’ve tidied up as much of my desk as I currently can.  All the receipts have been stapled and placed on the bannister so they can be taken downstairs to file.  I’ve neatened up the dismantled PSU, which I need to get a switch from so I can try and fix my shredder.  I don’t want to have to buy a new one if I can fix it for free.

I have been having a melancholy day, I had one yesterday and this has led to a significant break in any diet today, as I’ve had cookies and pepsi this evening.  However, I did have less for breakfast and didn’t have too much for my evening meal.  I’m also going to try and start running again tomorrow.  I currently have a list of things to do, which is rather depressingly large.  At the moment, I’ve not got any major life or house stuff to deal with, so I should be spending the time moving through the list.  However I’ve not really managed to actually get down to doing much.  The PvP archives haven’t helped much on this front.

Also the current lack of eve on my machine is getting frustrating.  Every time I open up the game, it crashes.  With out fail or seemingly reason.  It locks up the PC so bad that I have to manually reboot.  I can’t even ctrl-alt-del to close the program down.  Depressingly enough I’ve also had a similar style of crash happen twice when I’m not trying to play eve.   I hope this isn’t a precursor of hardware failure.  I really don’t want to have to shell out more cash on this thing, after the most recent last ditch attempts to keep it working.  I’d like to be able to upgrade the PSU and case, not have to worry about replacing faulty RAM and graphics cards.  I have a nasty habit of killing graphics cards…

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