Kind of echoing the previous post.  However, I’ve just been out to try and get some milk and rather upsettingly discovered that some daft panic buying buggers have bought all the milk.  So I’m sitting here out of milk.  Which is rather upsetting.  You’d think we were just about to have a full on arctic blizzard hit the UK and stay for the next few weeks.  But no.  We might be getting a bit of a dusting tonight and everyone shits themselves.

I’m on a diet with Rhi.  We’re doing the whole weight watchers thing.  Basically all it really means is more fish, more quorn and lots of low fat/lean cuts of meat and lots of veg.  I’m still yet to restart with the running.  Erk.  Got to get that going again.  My shin splints are long gone.  So I think if got back to doing twice daily stretches and exercises I could gently easy myself back into the groove.

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