Pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling this weekend.  I had a Saturday shift this weekend and I don’t think that helped at all.  On Sat, we went up to TF’s parents in Brecon.  Partly to see them and partly so that we could test drive their car, as we are picking it up next weekend.  Then it was up nice and early on Sunday to do some maintenance on the systems at work.  After that I made a fry up for TF and I.  I’m currently cooking the Sunday lunch now.  Just duck, so it shouldn’t take too long.  Still I feel really rather tired and achey.

Well, such is life.  Hopefully, I’ll be back to normal tomorrow.  Got a darts tournament on Monday, so I’ll try to relax at that.

Got the micra running

But it cost a fair old whack.  The gearbox wasn’t too bad, but it ended up needing some welding on the sill, to pass the MOT.  My wallet still hurts.  On the upside, we’ll be getting TF’s parents C4 quite soon.

Bleedin Gearbox…

Well the gearbox on my lovely little micra has given up the ghost.  It is currently in the garage undergoing repairs.  Well replacements really, the selector fork has gotten the box stuck between two gears.  Hopefully, this second hand box will last until we get the new car in September.  Also I really hope the fuel injection holds out till then.  The air/mass throttle is getting pretty out of whack making the idling really rather dodgy.

Not really posted much recently I’m aware, which is annoying has I’ve had plenty of good ideas for posts recently.  But I rarely get round to writing them down, so they don’t go up here…  I’ve got bloggers block…