As I mentioned

On I’m currently slogging away at my masters thesis, which is currently draining my will to live.  I’m sure it’ll get done, but it is an uphill struggle from here on in.  We managed to sell the micra to a lass who lives just down the road, for roughly what I wanted for it, which is good.  The wedding is largely all organised, just the last few bits of organisation to finish off.

The C4 that we got from TF’s parents is a lovely car.  Nice and smooth and just the thing for TF to commute in.  I’d prefer something with a V8 and rear wheel drive, like one of these, but you can’t have everything in life.  I’m just chuffed that everything has turned out so well, so far.  I’m still working in IT at the same place as I have been for the past year.  I’m settling in there nicely, it’s a nice place, great job and good people to work with.

Anyway, that is it again for a while, as I’m not going to be finished untill some time in September.