3 mile run/walk 24th Dec

This was again at my parents house and I followed the perimeter of the same field, instead of cutting across. Pretty much the longest I’ve run and it hurt my legs quite a bit.

1 mile run/walk 15th Dec

The usual circuit and not in the dark.  So I didn’t fall over too often.  Took about 20 mins as well.  That makes it a grand total of about 3 miles this week.  Which is ok.  I’ll try and put a longer 2 mile run in mid next week.  I’m going to have a few rest days, till Tuesday I reckon and then try the longer run.  Loosing weight at quite a rate of knots.  I’m around 14st 10lbs and I was at around 15st 4lbs.

14th Dec – 1 mile run/walk

Just got back.  This is probably the fastest I’ve been yet I was still out around 20 mins.  I’m still not timing anything properly and I don’t know exactly how long my run is.  Looking on the map, It seems around 1500m, which is close to a mile.  I reckon I left the house at about 1620 and arrived back at 1640.  Injurywise I’m ok.  Both my shins are hurting a little and I had a nice stich half way round, but I was able to keep on ok.

Tues 11th – 1 mile run

Same as usual, but in the dark. With no light. I’ve made a couple of injuries worse and gained some new ones. Nowt major, just wierd tweaks. My shins are still relatively painful. I’ve pulled/tweaked the tendons across the top of my left foot and I stumbled tweaking my right ankle. Nothing that a days rest, ice and ibuprofen won’t cure. I’ll probably see how things are Friday and go out after work then.

New PC

My current PC had been getting a bit elderly, also the case wasn’t in the greatest of conditions. Due to the age it still uses AGP graphics and DDR RAM. So upgrading it wasn’t really very worth while. So I got the following:

Motherboard – Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4

CPU – AMD 3800+ X2

RAM – 1gb Crucial PC6400

Graphics – Asus EN7300GT

Case – Antec P182

PSU – Tagan 480w

I already had the PSU and the CPU was very cheap from a mate. So it didn’t really cost much and it means I’ll be able to upgrade the graphics fairly soon.

The build was quite straightforward really. I was able to route quite a few of the cables along the backplate, so the main compartment is quite tidy really. I only put two of the hard drives back in, the SATA ones. I’m planning on using the IDE drives for backups, so I’ll be putting them in caddies soon.

Here are a few lovely pictures:

AMD 3800+ X2

Crucial RAM

Gigabyte Motherboard

Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4

Otherside of the case

Finished PC
The only part of the build that has really worried me is the clearance between the graphics card and the northbridge. Here’s a nice close up from my shiny new camera:

Macro shot of Graphics Card
As I’ve got two drives, I was planning on going for a dual boot machine. One with some flavour of linux and another with XP. This didn’t quite work out as I’d planned. I installed Ubuntu with out any problems. However so far I’ve not been able to install XP. But as I can do most things I want to on Ubuntu, then I’m not that fussed. Pretty much all the games I want to play work really well. I’ve tried EvE and WoW so far and both are fine.

The Ubuntu install has been fairly plain sailing. The main problem with the installation has been graphics related. Firstly X was sending at a high refresh rate, which my monitor couldn’t cope with. This meant I was flying blind till I could change the resolution. I managed to do this after a while. But it would put most people off. I was then stuck with 640*480 for a while. But I got the proper nvidia drivers installed easily enough. Synaptic is very user friendly. A few X restarts and a bit more fiddling and I had the right resolution, 1024*768. It is just a pity that didn’t hold after a reboot.

Anyway after this, I moved on to sound, which worked fine out of the box and then the printer, which was fine. I didn’t have many problems with setting up the printer for network printing, so my better half can print. It didn’t seem to hold the setting after the reboot, so that is a bit more work.

I’m obviously happy with the new PC. The build has been painless and so far my experience with Ubuntu very good. I’ve used Linux for quite a while now, but so far I’ve never had it as my sole operating system. I currently use Gentoo for my webserver and previously, I’ve used Slackware, Debian and FreeBSD. I’ve been able to do everything I want to with it easily so far. Including WoW and EvE, which is great. There have been a few niggles, but they’ve been easily fixed.