2.5 mile run/walk 24th Jan

2.5 mile run round part of the old circuit and a fair bit of new territory.  My right knee is griping a bit now the run is over.  But otherwise feeling good.

3k run/walk – 13th Jan

Went to the gym for a quick session. Managed a 3k run/walk in 28:55. Also did 2k on the rower in 9:56. Plus some warm ups on the bikes and some sit ups.

2 mile run/walk – 8th Jan

I doubled back on my normal circuit to day to up the distance. Managed it all quite easily. I really paced myself and I’ve had no twinges from the shins. All seems good there.

1 mile run/walk

Same loop as usual, with a bit more tacked on the top. I took it very slow and steady and was able to run for a rather long way. However near the end, I had a sharp stabbing pain in my right shin. So I walked the rest, rather than risking getting shin splints again.

Weight wise I’m 14st 12lbs. So that is 12 lbs to loose by the end of the month. I’d like to be skimming under 14st for the wedding. 13st 10 lbs or less would be ideal. I’ll look a lot slimmer then. I’ll have to look at those photos for the rest of my life, so ought to put a bit of effort in.