Favourite web comics

I thought I’d put up a little post listing a few of my favourite webcomics.

Firstly, I’ll have to start with Megatokyo, it was one of the first comics that I started reading and is still good.  However I would have to say that the general quality of the storyline has slipped somewhat.  It is still incredibly slow in telling the story.  Still I’m interested to see where Fred will take it.
Ctrl-Alt-Del, is one of the funniest comics I read.  It also has a great cast and although they do get forgotten from time to time there is a good story behind it.  Chef Brian is also well worth a trawl thru the archives for, assuming you like your comics surreal.
The Order of the Stick is very much gaming based, specifcally Dungeons and Dragons, the artwork may not be the most sophisticated, but for what it is it can be quite impressive at times.  The humour is great and generally understandable by all.
xkcd is a newish find for me, but I’m utterly hooked on it.  It is an odd combination of maths and romance, but I’m smitten.  My personal favourite is this one, it’s so very wrong tho.

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