Winter Climbing Videos

While my winter is over, for some lucky souls it’s not quite over.  So here a few good Scottish Winter videos to keep the psyche going:

Ines Papert, Ian Parnell and Audrey Gariepy – Winter Climbing Video

Petzl Scottish Ice Trip

Point Five Gully, Orion Face and Tower Ridge all three videos by Alan Kimber

Dave MacLeod climbing The Hurting

Andy Turner and Dave MacLeod on Minus Three Gully and them on Piggots Route and finally on the Great Chimney.

That little lot should keep you going for an hour or two.  They’re all really good videos, but the Petzl one is probably just about the best.  All are very well worth a look tho.  Enjoy!

Playstation 3

In an attempt to drag this blog back to it’s slightly geekier roots, I’m going to give a few pros and cons of mine and the Wife’s latest gaming purchase, the Sony Playstation 3.  The Wife is rabidly anti-Sony which is why we’ve held off getting one.  However the PS3 is a good Bluray player, so we decided to bite the bullet.  I’ve also been fancying a decent console for a while.  Anyway, without further ado:


  • Great feature set, iplayer, plays most audio and video files
  • Quiet, you really can’t hear it at all, there’s no noise.  Looks ok as well.
  • Good range of games eg Fallout 3, Gran Turismo 5, Assassins Creed series, about the only major series it’s lacking is Fable
  • It’s dead easy to upgrade the hard drive, well done Sony


  • It’s made by Sony
  • Sony are evil gits who love locking you into a wierd and wonderful Sony only format
  • The number of updates for games reminds me of playing games on a PC, I buy a dedicated games console so I don’t have to spend hours updating the OS and patching the game…
  • You can’t run Linux on it any more cause Sony are cocks
  • When you buy the console you have to agree to a bunch of EULAs, I’m sure somewhere in those EULAs I’m agreeing for Sony to watch my every move, anal probe me and generally record everything I do
  • Also they monitor everything, so if you break some random rule, I’m quite sure they’d ban you from stuff…

The pros just about out weigh the cons.  Now, I’m off to play some more Gran Turismo 5.