Year start grades:

  • Bouldering – V2
  • Sport – 6a
  • Trad – HVS

Month start grades:

  • Bouldering – V3
  • Sport – 6a+
  • Trad – HVS

Month end grades:

  • Bouldering – V3
  • Sport – 6b
  • Trad – HVS

Bouldering grade the same.  Sport grade up to 6b (red point).  Trad grade the same.

Weight start – 11st 12lbs

Weight end – 11st 9lbs

Core sessions – 0

Fingerboard sessions – 2

Indoor Climbing sessions – 0

Outdoor climbing sessions – 2

Managed to bag a 6bish.  Spent a lot of time digging a big hole in the garden.  Which has helped fitness.  Weight has come down a bit.  Still more to go.  Hopefully I’ll get to 11st 7lbs by the end of June.  Also got an outdoors V0+, which I’d never done either.