June 2014

Year start grades:

  • Bouldering – V2
  • Sport – 6a
  • Trad – HVS

Month start grades:

  • Bouldering – V3 (Sent)
  • Sport – 6b+ (RP) 6a+ (OS)
  • Trad – HVS (OS)

Month end grades:

  • Bouldering – V3 (Sent)
  • Sport – 6b+ (RP) 6a+ (OS)
  • Trad – HVS (OS)

Weight end – 11st 9lbs

Core sessions – 0

Fingerboard sessions – 1

Indoor Climbing sessions – 0

Outdoor climbing sessions – 6

Bouldering grade the same.  Sport grade the same.  Trad grade the same.

Weight start – 11st 9lbs

As you can kinda see it was June when I sort of gave up on this.  I had managed to get my weight down to quite a nice low point.  However once I got it there (briefly) I slacked off on the diet front, so it was only ever 11st 10lbs for a few weeks, before bouncing back up to 12st very quickly.  Since then I would say that my grades have not changed over the last year.  However I’d quite like to restart this as I was finding it useful.  After a fashion.  I could also backfill most of the entries from UKC Fitclub if I felt like it.


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