X-Plane 10 Setup

This is a post to collect a list of what I use for X-Plane 10.  There’s a bunch of good videos on Youtube and a small number of articles, but nothing which really seems to collate a whole setup all in one place.  Which does mean this article will change a lot.  Anyway, let’s give it a start.


This is what I’m using in December 2015.

  • CPU – i5-4440
  • Motherboard – B85M-D3H
  • GFX – Intel HD Graphic 4600
  • RAM – 16gb DDR3
  • HDD – Crucial MX100 – 256gb
  • OS – Ubuntu 15.04 and Windows 10 both 64bit

Using X-Plane

The Official X-Plane Manual is online and it’s very detailed.  Well worth a read to get used to X-Plane.


Cold and dark – If you’re used to starting cold and dark on the ramp, you can set that in Settings > Operations and Warnings.

The excellent x-plane.org forums are a great source of information.  They also have a store and a great downloads section.

Learning to fly with x-plane.org X-PPL.  This is a great series of videos showing you how to fly a plane properly in a flight sim.  If you can master all the techniques in there, you’ll be doing better than me.

X-Plane Plugins






XPGS Ground Services


Plane Models

x737 project

This is a great 737 model, specifically a 737-800.  Very realistic.  Sadly doesn’t come with a 3D cockpit.  But it’s a great model on a par with many of the various payware models.  Yes, again this one is also free!

X-Plane Scenery

HD Mesh v3

This is a high def mesh for X-Plane which covers all of Europe, North and South America as well as Australia and a few other areas.  If you download the full whack of it’s a pretty hefty collection of files.  Easily a couple of 100gb.  Best thing?  It’s free.  You can donate if you want to.  I would do, it’s well worth it.

You can download via torrent as well and there is a full list of torrents available.  I would recommend that you download via torrent.  It’ll be a lot quicker.

UHD Mesh

While the HD Mesh above has pretty good coverage, the UHD mesh, doesn’t have quite the same coverage.  But if it does cover areas you want to use, then again it’s well worth it.  Also free.  Done by the same chap who does the HD Mesh.

Simheaven Scenery

An automatically generated (from Open Street Map) set of scenery, which is really quite good if you want to fly VFR.  However it does make the coastlines/rivers/lakes a bit more jagged which is a real pity.  But it’s very good when you consider it’s free.



This is a pre-requisite for Real Terra Haze and some other plugins, it doesn’t really do much.  Once you’ve copied the plugin to the right folder, then you have to remove a file which is basically there to get you to read the readme.


Real Terra Haze

This is basically a plugin which simulates atmospheric haze and ambience.  It’s particularly good in dawn and dusk flying, when it can really make things pretty.


Open Scenery and ruscenery

The three plugins are basically big wodges of default buildings, planes and the like.  Lots of other packages rely on them.