I lost my Raven :(

God-damned lag!  I was happily on the first stage of a level 4 mission, the Mordus Headhunters.  I’d popped a  few cruisers and was well on the way to popping another.  My tank was failing a bit and I’d just aligned and recalled my drones, so I could go quickly.  I was hoping to get that cruiser down before I went.  I probably did too.

But before I got a chance to go, the client froze on me.  After about 45 seconds of this, I called it a day and did c+a+d and about another minute later I got the system box up.  Eve kinda seemed to come back then, but the connection had dropped.  I relogged back into a pod.  Ouch, about 140 million ISK worth of ship gone :/  And I’d only insured it for a little bit.  Still I got the 2 named NOS back, which had cost me about 30 mill for the pair, so it isn’t that bad.